Keep track and make time for you.

Helping you to keep track of your daily life and give yourself the quality time you deserve.

Your wellbeing should be at the top of your priority. Mindful helps you achieve this goal with ease ⚡

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Set Goals

Goals allow you to keep track of what's important. Mindful helps to directly prioritise and focus specific targets you want to achieve.

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Monitor your Progress

Progress tracking is one of the best practices when forming habits and increasing productivity.

Feature 03

Save Time

Mindful helps you to cut out endless procrastination through planning and the goals oriented interface.

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Our reward tokens are a perfect match to keep you motivated in achieving your goals.

Why Mindful? 🤔

Mindful is the perfect app to help you keep your life on track while staying healthy and happy.

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Stay focused

Mindful helps you cut through the noise and get straight to what matters during your day to minimise procrastination and maximise relaxation.

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Perform better every day

With in-built habit tracking. Mindful allows you to stay consistent and form daily habits in your life.

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Make time for the important things

Most of all Mindful is a companion which reminds you to take breaks and provides you with methods to reach peak relaxation and comfort.

See what our users are saying 💬


Although I've only been using Mindful for a short period of time, it has completely revolutionised my ability to gain clarity and direction in my daily life.


In the past I've used many different apps to track my to-dos and stay on top, but Mindful has managed to encompass everything I've been looking for and more into one app.


Being able to track my daily journey has allowed me to evaluate specific parts of my day and take time to reflect upon my daily actions.

Begin your journey with Mindful today! 🙌